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Superior Grade Matcha

Product image 1Superior Grade Matcha
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Product image 3Superior Grade Matcha
Product image 4Superior Grade Matcha

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Drink this finely ground, ready to mix with water, powdered fair trade tencha tea for the satisfaction, ease of preparation, smooth taste and most of all the intense health benefits you will receive by consuming daily. 

Matcha is long known for its superb life-giving qualities and remarkable ability to induce a clear, focused, and calm state of mind. Our matcha is of an extremely fine quality and will provide you with the incredible nutritional benefits that matcha should impart. 

You will find that our matcha when stirred, whisked or shaken suspends completely and will not leave clumps at the bottom of your cup. We recommend stirring your matcha once 1/2 way through your drinking experience. 

We purchase from a certified organic source. However, we are unable to claim this matcha as organic because we repackage the tea for resale. 

GREAT IDEA:  Add a teaspoon of matcha to your morning smoothie. Or shake it up in an afternoon bottle of water/juice for the perfect mid-day "pick me up". 

We package our matcha in 100% biodegradable and recyclable material that will help to preserve your matcha for up to 8 months. Please recycle.

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